The #1 Refrigeration Equipment Installers Irving

Kahn Mechanical Voted the #1 Refrigeration Equipment Installers Irving.

We know finding top HVAC and air conditioning contractors in Irving, Tx requires a lot of thinking and researching. Whether or not a company has the necessary expertise, a skilled workforce, and excellent customer service, determines the decision you, a prospective client, is going to take.

We at Kahn Mechanical Contractors are leading refrigeration equipment installers in Irving. And the following are three reasons why.


1. State of the Art HVAC Solutions | Refrigeration Installers Irving

Claiming to be the best refrigeration equipment installers in Irving is easier to say than to prove. But our history as a state-of-the-art HVAC solutions provider cements our claim.

From designing HVAC solutions like refrigeration to implementing them, our problem-solving process revolves around efficiency. Efficiency in designing, efficiency in planning, efficiency in implementing, and efficiency in supporting.

In short, we don’t want to waste your resources on a system that will underperform. We want to design a solution that is a great investment for you in the long run. Therefore, we always shoot for the most capable system that fits your needs.

Aside from designing and implement a new system, we are also experts in upgrading current systems. For instance, we have upgraded Energy Management Systems to improve their energy efficiency rating. Upon upgrading, one client saw their Energy Star Rating go up to 89.

Needless to say, if you task us with installing heating and air condition in Irving, TX, we will make sure that you get cutting edge equipment and ingenious implementation.  

Our Experts Are Ready To Answer Any Questions You May Have. Call us at 214-427-8211

2. Knowledgeable Workforce | Refrigeration Installers Irving

Installing HVAC systems requires an expertly trained workforce. For instance, if you hire someone who doesn’t know what he is doing will make matters worse. So, we at Kahn Mechanical only hire the best and train them to be even better.

All individuals in our workforce are experts of their craft. They are not only trained Irving refrigeration equipment installers but are also knowledgeable. Therefore, we encourage our clients to ask our mechanics whatever they want about HVAC systems.

In short, when you contact us for your HVAC needs, our mechanics will be more than happy to ease your concerns. Because they can.

3. Unmatched Customer Service | Refrigeration Installers Irving

No good company can have subpar customer service. Kahn Mechanicals is focused on going above and beyond when it comes to entertaining our clients. Our aftersales support is one of the biggest reasons why our clients love working with us.

For instance, we are experts in preventive maintenance. This means that you can schedule regular equipment checkups with us to prevent issues before they materialize. But to make such proactive work possible, a company must be professional in its client-relations.

We at Kahn Mechanical take pride in our customer support. We are available 24/7 for any emergencies you might face. From servicing existing systems to regular preventive checkups, you can trust is in keeping true to our professionalism.

If you are looking for a leading Irving refrigeration equipment installation company, contact Mechanical Kahn Contractors to speak with North Texas’s best commercial HVAC experts: (214) 427-8211

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