The #1 Commercial Mechanical Contractors Dallas

Kahn Mechanical Voted the #1 Commercial Mechanical Contractors Dallas

For over 40 years, we at Kahn Mechanical Contractors have been the leading commercial mechanical contractors in Dallas. The services we provide range from planning to designing and implementing HVAC systems of varying capacities.

That said, Kahn Mechanical is much more than a simple HVAC installation service. We are problem solvers at our core. And we excel in solving the most challenging problems, efficiently.


Our Expertise | Commercial Mechanical Contractors Dallas

To put it simply, we are premier commercial mechanical contractors in DFW. In other words, we design, build and maintain HVAC systems that last a lifetime.

Here is how we solve your mechanical problems from start to finish:

  • We assess the problem thoroughly. From checking to see whether a solution can be implemented to crunching important numbers, we work with you through a free consultation and give you a quote.

  • Once we take you on-board, we design a solution that conforms to your needs. Paying special attention to budget and time constraints, we make sure to take all the variables into account.

  • Finally, we implement our proposed solution with care and attention to detail. At this stage of the process, our focus is delivering the best we can, consuming the least amount of resources.

Needless to say, when we are done, you will have a HAVC system that will exceed your expectations. Budget constraints, time constraints, and environmental constraints, no matter your requirements, we are ready to step up to any challenge in commercial HVAC in Dallas.

Furthermore, we are always available for servicing and maintaining said systems. Forming a lasting bond with our clients is an integral part of our philosophy. Therefore, whenever the need arises we will be accommodating, in the truest sense of the word.

Our Experts Are Ready To Answer Any Questions You May Have. Call us at 214-427-8211

Our Reputation | Commercial Mechanical Contractors Dallas

We are top of the line commercial mechanical contractors in Dallas. And so, our reputation precedes us.

Some of our projects include:

  • Amli Fountain Place. We played a key role in the construction of this 45-story, luxury apartment complex by installing over 2 miles of piping and 1,100 tons of cooling through a state-of-the-art cooling system.

  • Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. As a long-term partner of the DFW International Airport, we have served and maintained this international transportation hub for over a decade. From improving passenger terminals to renovating jet bridges, our work makes sure the airport runs smoothly, without any interruptions.

  • Mary Kay Global Headquarters. Climate control for 600,000 square feet of space is not a light undertaking. Not only did we undertake it, but we also designed and implemented a custom HVAC solution for the whole facility.


These are just some of the projects we have done or are currently involved with. To find out more about our work, reach out to us.

Long story short, when you think of commercial machinal contractors in Dallas, you should think of us. We are licensed, certified, insured, and have the necessary experience to get your project done.

If you want to talk to us or are just looking for more information, contact Kahn Mechanical Contractors to speak with our experts today 214-427-8211

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