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Contracting Business 2008 Design/Build Award and Commercial Contractor of the Year
ACCA National Commercial Contractor of the Year

Vision & Values
• Integrity
• Reliability
• Quality of Services
• Communication
• Individual Respect
• Community Service


Kahn Mechanical Contractors is dedicated to the philosophy of honesty and fairness with our customers and employees. We feel that nothing surpasses the need to give our customers the quality of workmanship they pay for and deserve. Our employees insure that quality through their skill, professionalism and loyalty.


At Kahn Mechanical we uphold the following values:

INTEGRITY – Maintaining the highest ethical standards, both in our business and personal lives. Being honest, truthful, and fair with employees, customers, and vendors.

RELIABILITY – Keeping our word, promises and agreements: in arriving on time to work and customer appointments; in responding to and meeting employee and customer requirements; in providing our customers the highest quality, most cost effective solutions to their HVAC needs.

QUALITY OF SERVICES – Offering the best possible service from start to finish in terms of presentation, choice, value, speed, timeliness, suitability, accuracy, courtesy, and friendliness.

COMMUNICATION – Maintaining clear lines within the Company as well as with customers and vendors in terms of openness, frankness, clarity, frequency, accuracy, and timeliness.

RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL – In establishing rules and policies, design of systems, making decisions, executing instruction, and so on in terms of people’s health, safety, self-esteem, feelings, and opinions.

COMMUNITY SERVICE – Commitment to and involvement in community welfare and environmental protection.


Our Commitment

We do what we say, when we say we will
do it.

Nothing less.





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