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Customer Testimonials


I just wanted to drop you a note for some time now on the awesome job your guys did on the ice machine installation and other small projects.For the Ice machine project, Alex was great and his support crew were just as good.  The project went very smoothly, on time and at no additional cost. Alex’s performance on other projects has been just as good.  The installation of the cooling tower pump and the work associated with our second floor air handler. AHU 2-1 was completed faster than expected.  They removed the vanes, replaced the 75 hp motor, installed new fan bearings and the electrical sub installed and wired the VFD. The operation of this AHU has not been better.

My thanks to Mike Faulkner for staying on top of things as well.

Thanks once again for everyone’s hard work and dedicated efforts.

Supervisor Central Plant Operations

Facilities Management and Planning

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

“I just wanted to pass on a compliment or good word on two of your employees. This morning we had a small situation in which our buses and special education students were having a difficult time coming through our drop-off lane. The lane was muddy and could not be walked on or driven on without getting dirty. Mr. Brian Limbaugh and Mr. Shane Hughes took it upon themselves to assist the staff and students who were struggling with such conditions. They were resourceful and found some large pieces of plywood and placed them on the ground to solve the situation. They got a little dirty themselves but seemed glad to help. I did thank them and I did want you to know your two employees were the heroes of the morning.

Woodrow Wilson High School

“Out of all the changes to the building, there is one in particular that stands out; our HVAC upgrade. Our project progressed with the highest degree of workmanship and professionalism. I have never been associated with a company that has such high standards and pure ethical scope. The Jenterra building’s occupants feel blessed by your presence and support….”

Facilities Manager, Jenterra LLC

“Scofield Memorial Church has realized a fifty thousand dollar savings in energy in the last twelve months from the upgrade in HVAC units completed just last summer – this is a one-third reduction in our total electrical bill! I continue to be impressed with the level of commitment each employee has who works for Kahn Mechanical. Thanks for a job well done.”

Director of Operations, Scofield Memorial Church

“I am very pleased to offer my recommendation for Kahn Mechanical.  I’ve had a long term business relationship with them that started over twelve years ago. Over that period of time we have always received excellent service from them. Their technicians were always friendly, courteous, and very knowledgeable about the equipment or any problem that might arise. There were times we would have an emergency situation come up, and we would always get a response in good time. They would always have good advice, and get me background information on any equipment we were considering to use on a change out. Our company conducts business in a professional manner, and that is what we expect from people that we work with, and I feel that Kahn Mechanical has fit very well with us. Josh and Ann Kahn makes sure that the company stays up to date with all new technical advances, and safety training to make are the job is done right every time.”

Facilities Director, Andrews Distributing of North Texas

“I’m writing to you today to express how happy I have been with your years of quality service. Kahn Mechanical has helped turn a once inefficient and outdated HVAC system into a high tech award winning system.  Every single one of Kahn’s employees are friendly, knowledgable, and professional. Together we have changed out an entire HVAC plant for new equipment and hold an Energy Star rating of 89. They are Preventative Maintenance Specialists and maintain my equipment at a very high level of pride and accuracy.”

Lead Engineer/Assistant Property Manager FMP/RCA, Colliers International

“I am writing this letter of recommendation for Kahn Mechanical. I have used Kahn for the past five years for preventative maintenance, chiller retrofit projects, Liebert replacement projects, and general mechanical issues we have had in our building. We have received top tier mechanics. They stay on top of our issues and are quick to respond to our calls.

I have worked with John Kahn specifically on major projects like our chiller retrofit. His wealth of knowledge in the field has been unmatched by others. Josh stays ahed of the trends and makes sure he offer that knowledge to his customers. His dedication to the customer, as well as Kahn Mechanical in general, is genuine and ongoing.”

Guidestone Finance Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention

“We have used Kahn Mechanical contractors since 1992, for all our upgrades and repairs. We also have a contract with them for a monthly maintenance review.

They are very reliable and dependable and would recommend them for any of your mechanical needs.”

Vice President, Stevens Transport