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Contracting Business 2008 Design/Build Award and Commercial Contractor of the Year
ACCA National Commercial Contractor of the Year

Satisfied Customers
We take care of our customers’ air comfort needs so that they can have more time to devote to their own businesses.

Kahn Mechanical Contractors services a variety of businesses — computer related industries, retail stores, manufacturers, wholesalers, food service establishments, and transportation companies — to name a few. From computer rooms to rooftop units to central plants, we take care of their heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration needs so our customers have more time to devote to their own business.

"I just wanted to pass on a compliment or good word on two of your employees.  This morning we had a small situation in which our buses and special education students were having a difficult time coming through our drop off lane.  The lane was muddy and could not be walked on or driven on without getting dirty.  Mr. Brian Limbaugh and Mr. Shane Hughes took it upon themselves to assist the staff and students who were struggling with such conditions.  They were resourceful and found some large pieces of plywood and placed them on the ground to solve the situation.  They got a little dirty themselves but seemed glad to help.  I did thank them and I did want you to know your two employees were the heroes of the morning."

Elias Esparza
Assistant Principal,
Woodrow Wilson High School

"I've used Kahn Mechanical for five years. Best in the business. They are currently installing 7 new units for us, after blind competitive bidding, beat the pants off the other guys. And superior service."

Larry Wright,
Church Administrator,
First United Methodist Church,
Allen, TX

"To my friends at Kahn Mechanical,

I am writing you today to express how happy I am with the progress of our HVAC upgrade. Upon taking the reins of Facility Manager in late 2006, I have had several multi million dollar projects performed at our building in Irving. These projects have taken a building that was basically an empty shell to a Class A office complex. Out of all the changes to the building, there is one in particular that stands out as a shining star; our HVAC upgrade.

As we move foreword to air handling, our project progresses with the highest degree of workmanship and professionalism. Each and every member of your team has something to be very proud of. With that said, I would like to express my gratitude. I have never been associated with a company that has such high standards and pure ethical scope. Watching your team work together like family is very refreshing. Simple words can not express how proud I am to be associated with such a great group of people. Thank each and every one of you for what you do. Kahn Mechanical is truly a world class company and the Jenterra building’s occupants feel blessed by your presence and support."

Tharin C. Robertson
Facilities Manager
Jenterra LLC

"Scofield Memorial Church has realized a fifty thousand dollar savings in energy in the last twelve months from the upgrade in HVAC units completed just last summer – this is a one-third reduction in our total electrical bill! I continue to be impressed with the level of commitment each employee has who works for Kahn Mechanical. From the leadership to the line staff it is clearly communicated to “serve the customer”. Our relationship with Kahn Mechanical goes back many years and we expect it to continue, thanks for a job well done."

Jim Cassidy
Director of Operations
Scofield Memorial Church
July 2, 2007

"...what a great job Mitch and Jesse did on our project. They are what makes Kahn Mechanical a leader in your business....Thanks for all you have done."
Danny Green
h.j. martin & son, inc.




Senior Service Technician Richard Peck delivers 100% uptime for a refrigeration client.


Alex Chavez, Tom Rogers and Martin Tull devise a plan for installing piping into an 11
story chase for CompUSA

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