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RE: Preparing Your System for the Cooling Season

Dear Website Customer:

Hot weather is just around the corner--as our mid-February preview demonstrated! Just like winterizing your HVAC system, common sense procedures are the guideline when planning ahead for Summer. Here are a few tips to help ensure a more comfortable, less costly cooling season.

  • Be sure filters are clean and changed often.
  • Clean condenser coils - frequent grass cutting results in the need for frequent condenser coil washing due to all those grass clippings that seem to settle very comfortably in the coils. If the condensing unit sits on the ground, trim brush and shrubbery around it to prevent airflow obstruction. Also, road and building construction causes excessive dust to stop up coils on the ground as well as roofs.
  • Check operation of blower and fan sections. Clean as required.
  • Clean evaporator coils as required.
  • Check refrigerant charge. Locate and repair leaks as required.
  • Check operating and safety controls.
  • Cooling Towers - before filling with water, thoroughly clean the basin of leaves and other debris. Perform an operating check on motors, pumps and other parts.

The first key word here is clean. All machinery, be it your car or your air conditioner, works better when it is clean. You and I feel and think better when we are fresh and clean.

The second, equally important key word is regularly. We clean our homes and offices regularly. We have our cars and trucks serviced regularly. Our air conditioning systems deserve the same regular care and respect we give our homes and offices and our cars and trucks. In return, they will give us better, longer, and more efficient service.

Simply stated: a well thought out planned maintenance program goes a long way toward ensuring year round comfort and minimizing costly and inconvenient breakdowns. Many of these simple tips can be performed by your in-house staff, provided they are done properly and regularly.

If you have any questions, please call me or Josh Kahn at (214)631-1010. We’d like to hear from you.



Ann R. Kahn


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