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RE: The Design Build Project
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Dear Website Customer:

If your company's future includes a facility move, renovation or expansion of current space, please read on....

Many businesses, faced with similar situations, choose to cut out the "middle man" and contract directly with Tradesmen capable of designing what they build. Their main reasons for this decision are:

    1. Single line responsibility which allows them to work directly with the people most able to meet their facility needs. Architectural and Engineering firms attempt to cushion themselves with "catch-all" phrasing in design documents that sometimes leads to disagreements during construction.
    2. Best overall engineering which results when the Scope of Work is developed by a Contractor who has access to the cost of multiple design options as well as the customer's requirements and can mesh them into a few good recommendations over a narrow price range. Architectural and Engineering firms typically offer only one option that may not be the best blend of available funds and design for the customer's long term needs.
    3. No "extra costs" or surprises pop up when the DesignBuild Contractor is involved--unless, of course, the customer's needs change or alter during construction
    4. Best long term use of the building systems when the designer/installer services and maintains a system he knows from top to bottom. Design plans are also created with long term serviceability in mind.
    5. Best overall value as the design costs are part of the contract, thus avoiding the need to pay an architect or engineer for these services.

Let me.assure you, a lot of your time is not required. When you have settled on a site for your relocation, all the Contractors will need to draw up plans is a brief meeting with your designer to check the building layout, a meeting with you to check your use of the building (i.e. computer rooms and other critical areas) as well as your budgetary requirements, and access to the building to assess existing equipment and systems.

Design-Build projects really are as simple as this sounds. We have been doing this work for over 15 years and find it to be the most satisfying and painless way of achieving a successful retrofit of an existing facility.

Think about it.... and if you would like more information, please call me at 631-1010. I'll be happy to hear from you.



Ann R. Kahn


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